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Shay Cardell's Math Links

Helpful Math Links

Math Anxiety and Study Skills

Math Tips
Tips for Math Anxiety
Help for Math Anxiety
Do you have Math Anxiety?
Ten Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety
Strategies for Success - Middle Tennessee State University
Math Test Taking Skills
Learning Styles Inventory Four Types

Math Review

New York Board of Regents Prep - Math A
New York Board of Regents Prep - Math B
Math Lessons and Practice aaamath
On-Line Math Tutor
Ask Dr. Math
Cool Math
Math Forum
Help With Algebra
Math Power
Math Dictionary
Math Vocabulary


Arithmetic Snap Game
Arithmetic Tutorials
Arithmetic Resources
Hundreds Chart Patterns
Mental Math
Rounding Whole Numbers
Harcourt Brace elabs
Place Value Counter
Place Values Practice
Cuisenaire Rod Manipulative
Number Base Applets
Base Ten Blocks**
Prime Numbers and Divisibility
Order of Operations Lesson
Order of Operations Practice
Order of Operations Activities
Names for Large Numbers
Comparing Large Numbers
Powers of Ten #1
Powers of Ten #2**
Power of Ten Comparisons**
Scientific Notation Practice #1
Scientific Notation Practice #2
Scientific Notation Practice #3
Scientific Notation Lessons
Fractions: Exploring with Pattern Blocks
Fractions: Placing on a Number Line #1
Fractions: Adding
Fraction Adding (NCTM game)
Fractions Comparing
Fractions Equivalent 1
Fractions: Multiplying
Virtual Fraction Bars
Mixed Numbers on Number Line
Reading a Ruler
Matching Decimals and Fractions
Fractions Interactive
Decimal Lessons and Quizzes
Decimals Switch
Ordering Decimals
Decimal Games
Counting Coins
Making Change for Money #1
Making Change for Money #2
Money Classroom Activities**
Percent Tutorial
Percent Lessons
Percent Charts
Percent Estimating Pie
Venn Diagrams Applications
Venn Diagram Problems #1
Venn Diagram Problems #2
Word Problems
Drawing Graphs**


World Weights and Measures**
Dictionary of Units of Measure**
History of English Units**
Why Metric?
Metric System Information
The Metric System
Metric Prefixes**
Unit Conversion Practice #1
Converting Units Practice #2
Consumer Products in Metric Sizes
Products Measured in Metric Units
Caliper Measurement Simulation
Size and Biology**
Biology How Big?**
Dosage Calculations for Nurses


Pattern Blocks
Area and Perimeter
Circle Circumference and Diameter
Area of Right Triangle
Polygons Definitions
Finding Formulas for Areas of Polygons
Demonstrate Moving and Combining Areas
Area of Parallelograms Demonstrated
Classify Polygons with Venn Diagrams
Geoboard with area and perimeter calculations
Area of Circle approximated by polygons
How Archimedes Found Circle Area
Volume of Common Solids
Volume of 3D Boxes
The Platonic Solids
Geometric Solids Demonstration
Paper Models of Polyhedra
Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem Animated Proof
Similar Figures
Similar Triangles
Similar Triangles and Applications
Similar Rectangles Applet
Length, Area and Volume Ratios
Introduction to Symmetry**
Tilings and Symmetry
Symmetry-Glide Reflections
Symmetry Examples
Tesselations with Pattern Blocks
How to Create a Tesselation
Fractals Demonstration


Complete the pattern
Number patterns guessing
Making Patterns with Blocks
Sequences to Equations
Distributive Property
Evaluating Expressions
Estimating a Horse's Weight
Algebra Tiles
Signed Numbers
Negative Numbers from Measurement
Negative Numbers on the Number Line
Signed Numbers with Chips
Complex Numbers Lesson
Complex Numbers - Use in Electronics
Complex numbers demo
Modeling Real World Situations with Functions
Rational Functions
Various Functions Applets
Conic Sections
Algebra Lab

Solving Equations Balance Scale Model #1
Solving Equations: Balance Scale Model #2
Solving Equations, Two Steps
Solving Equations Practice Problems - Steps and Levels
Absolute Value
Chemical Equation Balancing Game

Linear Functions
Line of best fit practice slope change demo
Line of best fit practice slope change simulation
Linear function visual: Pouring Water into a tank
Minimizing errors to find LOBF simulation
Linear Models on the Graphing Calculator
Linear Model Example World Mile Records
Examples of Linear Models
Linear Systems
Choosing Points on LOBF
College Algebra Course: Linear Regression
Linear Function: Body Surface Area of Infants
Scatter Plots and Regression Lines
Fitting Regression Equations
Chirping Crickets
Linear Regression
Regression Lines and Bird Wings
Linear Regression SAT Scores
Line of Best Fit Demo from NCTM

Quadratic Functions
Java Applet with Slider Graph
Projectile Motion Fireworks
Trajectory Demo - Velocity, Angle and Mass are Variable
The Monkey and the Zookeeper
What is a Projectile?
Projectile Motion Animations
Quadratic Graph with Adjustable Sliders
ThinkQuest Physics Lesson on Projectile and Periodic Motion
Physics of Projectile Motion - Lesson
Water Balloons
Height of Dam
Building a Greenhouse
Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment
About Galileo

Exponential Functions
Exponential Functions Graphing
Logarithmic Functions Graphing
Exponential and Logarithmic Models
Exponential Growth Model - Paper Tearing
Population Model
Population Growth and Balance
Checks on Population Growth
Compound Interest and Loans
Using Logarithms
Logarithms and Sound dB
Logarithms and Earthquakes
Human Population Model
Half Lives of Antibiotic Drugs
Exponential Lessons
Disease Spread Simulation
Rabbits in Australia #1
Car Depreciation
Loan and Investment Formulas
Introduction to Microbes
Introduction to Bacteria
Rate of Growth of Bacterial Populations
Video of Paramecium
Cell Growth Camera
Helpful Bacteria
Sound Decibels
Half Life of Radioactive Materials
Nuclear Fallout
Radioactive Decay Consumer Products
Radiometric Time Scale
Radioactive Half Life Demonstration
Discovery of Radioactivity
Basic Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Energy
Half Lives of Elements - Krypton
Animation of Nuclear Fission
Pine Beetles

Other Functions and Applications

A Field Guide to Functions
Conic Functions: Applications #1
Conic Functions Applications #2
Inverse Function: Heat Transfer by Conduction
Inverse Function: Your Weight in Outer Space
Logarithmic Functions: Applications
Logarithmic Functions: Advertising Model
Logarithmic Function: Cure Rates for Radioiodine-131 therapy
Logarithmic Function: Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Logistic Function: Growth of Tumors
Logistic Function: Population Growth
Logistic Function: Pharmacology
Logistic Function: Growing Pigs
Logistic Function: Microbal Growth
Logistic Function: Information
Piecewise Function: Water Rates
Piecewise Function: Choosing a Cell Phone
Piecewise Function Information
Polynomial Functions: Morphological Differences Among Species
Polynomial Functions: Taylor Polynomial Used in Calculators
Radical Function: Speed of Car from Skid Marks
Radical Function: Pendulum
Rational Function: Applications
Rational Function: Biology Applications
Rational Function: Cost of a Refrigerator
Sinusoidal Function: Applications #1
Sinusoidal Function: Applications #3
Sinusoidal Function: Modeling Hours of Daylight
Sinusoidal Function: Information

Probability and Statistics

Histogram Demonstration
Mean, Median, Mode
Mean, Median, Mode Demonstration
Stem and Leaf Plot
Box and Whisker Plot #1
Box and Whisker Plot#2
Introduction to Probability
Experimental Probability
Normal Curve Demonstration
Mean and Std Dev on Normal Curve
Calculating Probability from Normal Curve
Calculators for Normal Distribution
Normal Curve and Percentiles
Interpreting Standardized Test Scores
Counting Methods
Permutations and Combinations
Pascal's Triangle Information
Pascal's Triangle Patterns
Pascal's Triangle Discussion**
Pascal's Triangle Activity**
Expected Value
The Lottery
Introduction to Risk Theory
Risk Analysis
Perception of Risk
Transportation Safety in U.S.
Odds of Dying
Plane Crash Data Base


Trigonometry Functions
Trig Animations
Comparing Graphs of Trig Functions
Trigonometry Definitions
Sound of Different Wave Shapes
Sine Waves and Sound
Fourier Synthesis
Piano Wave
Modeling Sine Waves
Polar Coordinate Graphing
Vector Addition


Rational Functions
Inverse Functions


Graphical Integration #1-Exogenous Rates
Graphical Integration #2-Ramp Functions
Graphical Integration #3-Combined Flows
Graphical Integration #4-Reverse Integration
Graphical Integration #5-Qualitative Integration
Beginner Modelling Exercises
Introduction to Feedback Loops
Vensim Tutorial
RoadMaps Guide
Integral Calculator

Math Education Reform

Arizona State Standards for K-12 Mathematics
AMATYC Math Standards for Community Colleges
Math Education Reform Topics
Third International Math and Science Study (TIMMS) Results
Mathematical Association of America: (MAA) CUPM Guidelines
Mathematical Association of America: (MAA): CRAFTY Curriculum Renewal
A Sane View of Math Reform
Learning to Teach Mathematics
Functional Approach to Teaching Math
Interactive Math Project (IMP)
Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Education: Math and Science
Mathematics Equals Opportunity - U.S. Dept. Of Education
Math Forum: Math Education
Math Misconceptions
Six Things Parents Can Do
Six Things Educators & Community Members Can Do
The Mathematical Miseducation Of America's Youth


Math Practice Test from NASA
COMPASS Sample Math Test
Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide
Math in the News Test Bank
Ideas for Rubrics
What Students Say About Rubrics

Data Sets

University of Arizona Data Sets
BMI Calculator
Stock Market
Distance from City to City
World Vital Statistics**
National Debt
Federal Budget**
U.S. Popclock
U.S. Popclock**
Animated World Popclock**
World Popclock
World Vital Events**
Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Population Growth and Immigration
Terraserver - Satellite Maps
Global Warming Data and Graphs #1
Global Warming Data and Graphs #2**
Environmental Math Data QELP
Satellite Launch Velocity
U.S. School Data
Prices of Consumer Goods
Arizona Lottery
Arizona Climate Summaries**
Estimated Water Use in U.S.**
USGS Summary of Water Use in U.S.**
Monetary Exchange Rates**


Symbol Manipulators Online
Function Grapher
Math Formulas
Unit Conversions
Number System Conversions
Calculators Online
Checkbook Balancer
How to Email Math Symbols
Java Grapher, Scatter Plot, Calculator
Graphing Functions Elementary
Vensim Free Download
Vensim Models
Creative Learning Exchange
Math Forum Tools

Using a Graphing Calculator

Finding Your Way Around the Graphing Calculator
TI-83 and TI84 Instructions
TI-83 and TI84 FAQS**
Graphing Calculator Tutorials
TI Graphing Calculators Manual
TI Calculators Basic Instructions
Selected Instructions
Basic TI Calculator Tutorial
Programming the TI-83
Sequences and Series - In Both Sequence and Function Modes

Games and Activities

A+ Math Games
Online Math Puzzles and Games
Measurement Animal Weigh-in
Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius
Equation Matching Game
Evaluating Expressions
Absurd Math Game
Order of Operations
Balance Scale Applet
Unit Conversions
Java Activities for Math

Activities for Teachers

Elementary Teachers Math Resources
Sketchpad for Little Ones
Lesson on Probability with Spinners
Spreadsheet Activities
Venn Diagram Printable Assignment
Measurement Worksheets**
Algebra Worksheet Generator **
Pascal's Triangle Lessons**
Great Math Sites K-2**
Great Math Sites 3-5**

Other Math Links

AMATYC Resources
Family Math
Math Trails Project
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NCTM E Examples
The Math Forum, Internet Math Library
Math Medley Radio Talk Show
Dept. of Mathematics - University of Wisconsin, Marathon County, Catalog of Math Resources
Harcourt Brace E-Labs
Introduction to System Dynamics Models
Java Components for Math
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Los Alamos Mega Math
MAA Committee on Mathematics and the Environment
Manipulatives Homemade
Money Show - Your Finances
Math Education Resources - University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Math Historians
The Geometry Center - Mathematics Education Resources - University of Minnesota
Mathematics Hot List - The Franklin Institute Science Museum Algebra Worksheet Generator
Multimedia Physics Studios
NCTM Illuminations I-Math Investigations and Models
NUMB3RS Activities
PCB Annenburg Internet Math Activities
Wolfram Math World
Math Dictionary
Vensim Software
Waldo's Maths Pages - Java Animations
Women Mathematicians

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